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 This project was done within ABB of summer 2021.

ABB CommonUX Design System.jpeg

project OVERVIEW

Creating a design system to humanize technology

Responsibility: UX/UI Design

Keywords: Design system, Figma, Component development 

Duration: 3 months​​​​​​


“A design system is an infrastructure for change, 
a platform for communicating and sharing best practices
and innovating new ones.”


ABB, a global technology leader, was looking for new ways to take its digital offering to the next level for ease of use and consistency of the brand experience. ABB launched an initiative to build a company-wide design system for its diverse global organization. It started the journey to humanize its technology with a design approach that developed coherent and powerful solutions, fueling more meaningful experiences for its customers.

The ABB CommonUX Design System powers the transition from a company that traditionally delivered value through machinery to a service company of people delivering value in human interaction.

My efforts at ABB have been focused on the CommonUX design system: Pixel perfect & precise UI designs following ABB Common UX guidelines and ensure consistency.

Role and responsibilities

I started to work on the ABB CommonUX design system in 2021 summer holiday and embedded with the global designer team for about 3 months. During that time, I worked closely with the with multidisciplinary global inhouse team with over 10 fellow designers to bring the ABB CommonUX design system to the next level. 

I conducted componet development for ABB design kit with Figma for different platforms, and during that time we evaluated the current experience, developed a strategy and vision, made sure it was compliant with ABB Branding and accessibility standards as well as redesigned the Illustrations(Isometric graph, Icon, Pictogram) to visualize process for features of ABB NG servo drive based on ABB branding guidelines.

The redesign included multiple user tests, workshops, sketching and wireframing, prototyping, final design specs, A/B test, and launching strategy. Before and during that time period, I also worked on the design system’s scalability, including internal visual assets development and implementing sustainability reports for multiple R&D teams.​​​​​​​

case studies

To comply with contractual agreements, I can not share any more details on my work at ABB. But the team is moving incredibly fast, so do check this space out for updates.

Get in touch for further questions:)

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